The 3 E's of Parasol insurance leads

Posted by zhazha prikhachkova on Tue, Feb 07, 2012

ParasolleadsAs in any business, due diligence is important when trying to partner with an insurance leads provider. You probably have a checklist of how an insurance lead should be: has good ROI, with high contact rate, and real interest for insurance, among others. But, when it comes to choosing an insurance leads provider to partner with, most agents are at a lost and hold back.

It is important that insurance agents, first and foremost, do a background check on the integrity of the insurance leads provider before jumping in to do business with them. Here are the Top 3 things you should look into when looking for a provider, summarized into 3 E’s.

Exclusive – It is vital that an insurance lead is exclusive. Compared to shared leads, exclusive prospects almost always guarantee that you’ll get their business. With an exclusive lead, you won’t need to be concerned that other agents will beat you to it, nor will you need to do the tedious task of verifying if the leads are good or worthless. Basically, the insurance leads provider that offers exclusive prospects has already removed the chaff from the grains so you can focus on more important things of your business.

Express – It is a good idea to get insurance leads in real time. This will make sure that the prospects you get are fresh and still highly interested. Some agents, though, could only handle so much. If you choose to get real-time updates on your insurance leads, but not follow up on them because of the load, you may end up paying for leads you haven’t used yet. So, be sure to set the cap on your leads, and get only those you can handle.

Efficient – A good insurance leads provider should be efficient. It may give you quality leads that have high return of investment. Or it can offer, along with the leads, innovative tools that can help you grow your business. Check the lead management tool, it will be instrumental when the leads start coming in.

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