Exclusive Insurance Leads for Agents - Do They Really Have to Cost?

Posted by Ron Briggs on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

Exclusive Insurance Leads - Do They Really Have to Cost?Exclusive insurance leads for agents do cost, but they have proven ROI. While non-exclusive leads could be cheaper, they may convert poorly, if at all. In most cases, non-exclusive leads could cost you more time and effort.

There is a reason why quality leads cost, and it is all tied up to the value they bring.

1. Exclusive to You – First is exclusivity. Exclusive insurance leads for agents remove competition from other insurance businesses who otherwise can get access to your prospects. If a lead is exclusive to you, there are better chances that it will become a paying customer. It is much easier working on exclusive leads. With limited competition, the lead may be inclined to go ahead with his purchase decision the soonest.

2. High Contact RatioExclusive leads may sound to you like a special type of leads. Well, they are. They are the best leads that any insurance lead providers can offer. They have 100 per cent working phone numbers and contact details. With this guarantee, you can expect better sales from exclusive leads.

3. Prequalified CustomersExclusive insurance leads for agents are composed of prequalified prospects. These leads are actively looking for an insurance policy. As such, the exclusive leads that you will be following will require no hard selling and are the easiest to convert into paying customers.

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