Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads Content You Should Pay Attention To

Posted by Ron Briggs on Tue, Apr 03, 2012

Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads Content You Should Pay Attention ToExclusive auto insurance leads are offered by many companies these days. With their flashy websites and bold claims, many insurance lead providers give value propositions that may sound too good to be true. Sometimes, you find a company that works. Sometimes, you don’t. To get rid of the guesswork in finding quality leads, you need to focus on the important details when shopping for leads.

In most cases, the quality of exclusive auto insurance leads can only be determined - in terms of concrete performance indicators - once you bought them and tried to follow them up. Ultimately, leads work only when they convert. As such, instead of focusing on price and the company’s value propositions, you should pay closer attention to lead contents that directly affect the conversion rate of insurance agent leads.

Credit rating of the driver – Aside from contact details and personal information, the credit rating of the driver is one of the most important factors that affect the conversion rate of exclusive auto insurance leads. The ability of the driver to pay for his premiums plays a considerable part on whether or not his application will be approved. Check on this with every lead you get.

Driving violations committed – As an insurance agent working on exclusive auto insurance leads, it would be good for you to get a clear picture of your lead and his viability to get an insurance coverage. You want to have prequalified leads as much as possible. Details like driving violations, license suspension, etc., may affect an insurance application.

Previous auto insurance claims – In your effort to find a high-converting exclusive auto insurance lead, it would be great if you could receive comprehensive information on a lead’s history of insurance claims. This is an important content in every generated lead, which should be examined carefully and followed up even before spending time and resources.

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