Insurance agent leads: Things to avoid when buying leads

Posted by zhazha prikhachkova on Mon, May 07, 2012

Insurance agent leads: Things to avoid when buying leadsBuying insurance agent leads is a quick and easy way to find new customers. However, each insurance lead doesn’t guarantee a sale. Only good leads do. As in any investment there is risk in buying leads, the biggest of which is getting bad leads. However, with due diligence and an eye for details, you can avoid these bad leads and come up with new prospects.

Things to avoid when buying leads:

1. Avoid disreputable providers of insurance agents leadsthe methods by which a company generate leads often speaks for the quality of their leads. Bad methods don’t produce good results. If a company is involved in using spam emails to build their leads database, the leads will almost always turn out bad. They wouldn’t be targeted and qualified because these leads are not really looking to buy an insurance policy to begin with. Typically, they are just a waste of time.

2. Leads from sweepstakes and promotional contests – insurance agent leads acquired from baiting out some sort of a reward are not real leads. In most cases, the so-called leads signed up just to get the prize. They are not really keen on getting an insurance policy. It is difficult to spot a company that delves into this practice. It would be a good idea to test out some sample leads first, when possible, before buying anything.

3. Recycled insurance agent leads – some leads get recycled as they are shared between different agents. Although shared leads are not completely useless, they convert poorly. They are cheaper though, but may consume a lot of time and resources to materialize. If you are after good leads with high conversion rate, you can try exclusive insurance agent leads that providers do not recycle and give only to your account.

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