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Parasol Leads is the Top Provider of High Quality Insurance Leads

Parasol Leads is one of the insurance industry's highest quality leads generation services. We are best in providing market-prospecting solutions to a wide range of businesses by collecting and providing exclusive or shared, organic, and high quality leads for insurance agents, brokers and carriers. Our high quality insurance leads help our clients achieve extremely high conversion rates. With many clients reporting lead conversion rates as high as 40%!  

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Here Are Some Things That Make Our Service Different!

  • Highest Quality Exclusive Leads: Just say no to cookie-cutter lead generation services that provide recycled and repackaged leads. Our unique lead generation service provides exclusive insurance leads that connect agents with real people in the market for insurance products.
  • Geo-Targeting & Lead Filters: Ready to get your hands on those leads from specific geographical areas? We provide free geographical filters with all of lead types. Whether you want to target a certain area or avoid a certain area, our fool-proof geo-targeted leads will help you connect with consumers in your target market. Every client has the ability to add various filters, at no charge, to customize their lead targeting.
  • No Contracts: We do not bind agents to contracts or minimum requirements; rather, the quality of our leads and service ensures that we become your most trusted solution for acquiring new customers. The quality and accuracy of our leads is the best found in the marketplace today.
  • Guarantee: Each lead is guaranteed to have a working phone number, to the person on the lead and that person is looking to speak with an insurance professional and get an insurance quote. Also we guarantee all leads will be within your filters.
  • No Minimum Purchase: Want to try out a few leads? The good news is with Parasol Leads there is no minimum purchase requirement, so agents are free to purchase as many or as few as they want to meet their individual business needs and budgets.
  • Cancel Anytime: Our clients can cancel their accounts at any time.  When you wish to close your account, any funds remaining in your account will be refunded back to your credit card.
  • No Automatic Credit Card Charges: At Parasol Leads, we believe that our clients should be in control of their own accounts wherever possible. Therefore, we never automatically charge their credit cards when their lead account funds are low. Instead, each client is responsible for funding their own account when they choose to. Our customers do not experience any surprise credit card charges.
  • An On/Off Switch: Every client receives a personal Parasol Leads backoffice that serves as the central site to manage their lead account.  Included in the back office is access to an “on-off” switch that allows the agent to activate or deactivate their lead flow at will. 
  • Lead Caps: Every client decides which days of the week and times of the day their accounts will be open to receive leads. Additionally, they can decide to include a maximum number of leads per day restriction. These options can be change at any time at no additional charge.



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parasolleads testimonialsI'm definitely not new to buying life insurance leads. I have purchased leads from all of the major vendors. Parasol is by far the best. They have a great filtering system, return policy and overall fantastic lead quality second to none. There are no long term contracts, so you pay as you go. You can even customize what locations and what time you want the leads to come in. Parasol is by far the best lead generating service I’ve ever used. Read More>>

-Jack M.
JMC Life Insurance Services

describe the imageI'm definitely not new to I've been using Parasol Exclusive Life leads for about 9 months now and they are the highest quality leads I've puchased - Bar None! Not only am I closing 38 to 40% of the leads, the customer service is excellent. Their lead refund program is also very good and they are always improving their back-office product to make filtering and accessing your leads easier for the producer. For me no one comes close to ParasolLeads! Read More>>

-Jorn P. Bates Life & Health Agent 
Insphere Insurance Solutions