Why Buy Annuity Leads


Premium Annuity Leads for Your Agents

Parasol Leads is the expert in high quality annuity leads. We offer insurance agents an excellent value per annuity lead. Customers only pay for annuity leads they receive. We offer competitive shared lead caps, so that our customers close more annuity deals. We leverage a variety of marketing techniques to generate quality annuity leads that convert at a higher rate than our competitors.

Parasol Leads offers a return policy that’s both easy and fair to our customers. We are recipients of the LeadsCouncil “Beast Lead Quality” award for our high-quality insurance leads.

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Annuity Lead Filters

We offer a variety of filters for our annuity lead buyers. We make it easy for our clients to receive only those annuity leads that fit your criteria. Annuity filters available to our customers include:

Geographic filters – purchase leads only from those locations where you can convert.

Minimum/maximum age – set an age range for the annuity leads you’d like to receive.

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Affordable Annuity Leads

You can afford annuity leads. Some insurance business owners believe they can’t afford to buy annuity leads for their agents. That’s simply not sure. On the contrary, you can’t afford not to buy leads if you want to close more insurance deals. Save your agents time prospecting, buy purchasing qualified annuity leads.

At Parasol Leads, we keep costs down for insurance business owners. We save our clients both time and money, by reducing the amount of time and money it takes to generate annuity leads in house. We price our annuity leads competitively to help reduce client overhead, and make annuity leads more affordable.

Annuity Leads Increase Business

Our clients are satisfied with our leads, because we provide the best insurance leads. We target customers actively searching for annuity insurance. Our leads are further down the funnel, making it easier for our customers to increase annuity business.

Be sure to check our insurance lead reviews to learn more about what our clients think about our annuity leads.