Facebook Just Improved Lead Generation

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Mon, Mar 14, 2016

Facebook Improves Lead Gen with New Lead Ads

Facebook has historically not been great for lead gen campaigns. While B2C marketers find success through the platform, B2B advertisers face low conversion rates and negative ROI.

The issue seems to be form abandonment. Customers browsing the social media platform aren’t always ready or able to complete a full lead gen form, which makes it difficult to meet CPA goals. Facebook has found a work around for this problem and believes its new lead acquisition option could improve advertiser results.

How Does it Work?

With Facebook’s new lead ads, advertisers can capture contact information with a click of an ad. When a user clicks on a lead ad, their Facebook contact information is automatically populated in the form. With one more click the personally identifiable information is sent to the advertiser’s database.

“We definitely think this is a big deal for marketers. One of the challenges they face is having a large enough addressable audience. Getting people to fill out that form is one of their big moments of truth,” said Chris Lynch, head of product marketing for OracleMarketing Cloud.

Meghann York of Salesforce agreed saying, “People engage in social media primarily on mobile phones, where filling out forms can be difficult. Lead ads will make the process so much more seamless.”

According to a recent study, up to 99% of forms initiated on mobile devices are not completed.

Willing to give Facebook lead ads a test? What issues have you faced as a social and mobile advertiser? Share your experience with lead gen in the comment section below.

Insurance Leads

Want to grow your database? Need help building sales pipeline? Parasol Leads does the work for you by generating high quality real time insurance leads. Our team generates leads through highly targeted marketing campaigns. Buy insurance leads from Parasol Leads today and grow your agency. Sign up to become a lead buyer.

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Common Mistakes in Buying Insurance Leads

Posted by zhazha prikhachkova on Tue, Mar 13, 2012
leads generation tips

These common mistakes in buying insurance leads may result in extra expenses – forcing you to shell out more money than you need to. 

1. Buying Cheap Insurance Leads - You might be thinking that these leads do not cost much and you hastily want to buy them. Beware of the quality of cheap leads that are being sold by many websites who claim that they can supply you with cheap leads in large numbers.  Unknowingly, you may be receiving months-old leads from them. Or you may end up getting shared leads that you have to win over other agents whom they have sold the same bunch to.

While it makes sense to think that a low-price lead will result in higher profit, buying it may turn out to be a waste of your time and money because they convert poorly.


You probably need dozens of them before you get a good one that will convert into a paying customer. In buying insurance leads, try to consider quality over price.

2. Getting into a contract with the lead provider – Some, not all, insurance leads providers impose a minimum number of purchases before you can avail of their services. They may even ask for an agreement that will commit you to a certain amount of time. While this is not a common practice among providers, some agents fall trap to it. The result is that they end up paying more than they have to, and still get poor results from their purchased insurance leads. Consider buying leads from providers who do not bind you with contracts.

3. Having more leads than you could handle – While having leads on your desk at all times is good for your business, letting them pile up may only cause you to lose money. Each lead has to go fast, or you will end up with aged leads who may have already bought an insurance product from other agents. In the course of buying leads, consider a contingency plan.

Does the lead provider offer an instant “turn-off” feature to their lead generation service? Do you know of any agents with whom you can share excess leads? You need to think through the process and visualize every scenario how the generated leads will fit in your sales process.

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Buying Insurance Leads – Common Myths and Misconceptions

Posted by zhazha prikhachkova on Mon, Mar 12, 2012
Online Insurance Leads – Myths and Misconceptions

Your success in the insurance industry lies entirely on your ability to generate leads. As an agent, you can’t afford to be without them. To be successful in this business, you need to always find opportunities where you can get in touch with people and convert them into sales.

Sometimes, you may even need to think out of the box and partner with third-party insurance leads providers. Outsourcing your leads generation process becomes necessary when you run out of prospects.

It is an efficient way to get quality leads easily, contrary to the following myths and misconceptions that deter many agents.

Buying leads is costly – While insurance leads do cost, the expenses you may incur are very near what you might otherwise spend on marketing and advertising. There really are no free leads. Some costs less than the others. When you buy leads, it is straightforward and easy to see what you’re spending on. This will help you determine the returns that you get from the investment you just made.

Leads have unproven ROI – There is an entire industry dedicated to generating leads. They may differ in their generation techniques, which may result in leads with varying conversion rate. Still, purchased leads have proven ROI. You may not need to look far, but read industry review sites to know what other agents have experienced when transacting with insurance leads providers. Some reports of conversion rate as high as 40 per cent.

The partnership is binding – When you buy leads, you enter into a partnership. However, this does not mean you will be under any contract. The partnership is merely used to express the idea of togetherness between you and the insurance provider toward the success of your business.

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Can Exclusive Insurance Leads Give Small Businesses An Advantage Over Big Companies?

Posted by Cindy Cailling on Thu, Mar 08, 2012

Can Exclusive Insurance Lead Give Small Businesses A Lead Over Big Companies?It is a challenge among big insurance companies to be personal in their marketing. Because of their size, big players tend to market collectively to a segment of the population that comprises their target audience. Sometimes this cookie-cutter approach works. Other times it does not and here lies an opportunity for the small players.

Doing highly personal marketing can be a big advantage for small insurance businesses. Due to the complex and private nature of insurance sale, marketing to one person at a time could be very effective. It elicits trust and loyalty from a customer if the marketing approach feels like it is directed only to him.

One way that this approach proves it works is when an insurance agent pursues his exclusive leads. Being restricted from other vendors, exclusive leads remove competition between different insurance agents. The leads are exclusive to one agent, giving him the luxury of being able to reach out to customers one at a time.

With the competition substantially reduced, the insurance agent can opt for a highly personal approach in his marketing. He can contact a lead and listen to every detail of his insurance requirements. He can send out updates that are tailor-fitted to the insurance policy that the customer is looking for. Lastly, the agent can build an insurance package that is accurate and appropriate to what the lead is looking for.

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of exclusive insurance leads is that they are prequalified. Before being passed on to the agent, exclusive leads have already been screened by the leads provider. This could mean less chance of bad leads, and more conversions from lead to sale.

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Generating Your Own Leads? Time to Stop Now and Grow Your Business

Posted by Ron Briggs on Thu, Mar 08, 2012

Generating Your Own Leads? Time to Stop Now and Grow Your BusinessAs every agent knows, the insurance industry could get really competitive. Scarce are the days when customers would come walking in to your office and apply for their insurance. Nowadays there are practically hundreds of agents all fighting for the same customers. Still, there will be people who need an insurance policy. You just need to find them so you can take your share of the market.

At a time when customer acquisition in the industry is aggressive, one way to still get a sale is through leads generation. It could, however, impose a variety of challenges. First is the level of effort that it entails. Generating leads on your own could add extra marketing and advertising work. It is a different field all together. Instead of focusing on sales, you will need to also learn the ropes of finding leads sources and marketing avenues where you can sell.

Also, generating your own leads could limit your sale. Should you be able to successfully generate your own insurance leads, these could be only a fraction of what other insurance agents are getting. How? These agents outsource the process of lead generation to a third-party service provider. By doing so, they streamline their sales process and allow themselves to focus what they do best: selling.

Indeed, it could be a bane for agents if they have to generate their own leads. This problem may very well have paved the road for an entire industry of service providers that sell insurance leads of various types. So, should your leads sources dry up, or when you get ready to grow your company, one option for you is to partner with these insurance leads providers and have them take care of leads generation for your business.

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Buying Insurance Leads - Are They Worth The Money?

Posted by Cindy Cailling on Wed, Mar 07, 2012

Buying Insurance Leads - Are They Worth The Money?As any insurance agent would tell you, the insurance industry could get really competitive. You would think that since people need some form of insurance or another, leads would just keep on coming. But they do not. There are thousands of agents who, like you, are after these customers. If you don’t know how to rise above these competitions, you might end up losing sales.

The best way to stay ahead of the game is to always have fresh quality leads on your desk. You could try different approaches to get your hands at these leads. You could spend on marketing and advertising to generate a list of potential customers on your own. Or you could try cold-calling, however tedious and time-consuming that might be. The key is to get leads and turn them into sales.

One alternative to insurance leads generation is to buy your own leads. Instead of allotting a budget for advertising and marketing your services, you could use these dollars to buy insurance leads. By buying leads, you are basically outsourcing the process of leads generation to a third-party service provider - one that is, unlike you who specializes in sales, dedicated to generating leads. It is a partnership that has the potential to grow your business.

Insurance leads for sale typically come in two types: shared and exclusive. The difference lies mainly in who has access to which. Shared leads can be accessed by many agents, while exclusive leads are restricted only to the insurance agent who bought them. This subtle difference between leads is an important consideration when you move forward with your purchase because it directly affects conversion. The more people have access to a lead, the less is your chances to convert it into sales.

By getting a partner who specializes on finding leads, you help your business stay competitive. An insurance lead provider does not only generate a list of potential customers you can get in touch with. They screen leads and make sure that the customers are prequalified. They screen customers according to geographic location as well, so you can focus on target areas you cater to. What might be left for you to do is to close the sale.

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Lead Generation Service Details That Will Help You Find the Best-Fit Provider for Your Business

Posted by Ron Briggs on Tue, Mar 06, 2012

Lead Generation Service Details That Will Help You Find the Best-Fit Provider for Your BusinessDifferent providers have different methods of generating leads, with each one of them guaranteeing the efficiency of their methods. As an insurance agent it is important not to get lost in various value propositions being offered by these providers. You need to delve into details and think through other factors as well. The price of the service is an important consideration, but it does not stop there.

When looking for a lead provider, it would do you well to try building a partnership instead. You need to look at a third-party service provider as a partner. As such, it has to be reputable. You do not want your business being associated with companies that have a bad reputation in the industry. Do your due diligence and research industry review sites for any feedback from other agents about the company.

Next, pay attention to what you’re paying for. The cost of partnership with some, not all, service providers could surprisingly balloon because of hidden charges and upfront payments. These costs could substantially inflate the list price of the leads and might cause you to overstretch your budget.

Another thing to consider is the availability of a required minimum purchase. You need to factor in your budget and resources in determining the number of leads that you could work on. Settle right away how many leads you can handle. You will not want leads piling up on your desks, getting old and obsolete.

Lastly, you need to understand well the return policy of the company. If all else fails, it would be nice to have the option to return your purchased insurance leads. Some companies also do offer a no-contract service, which will allow you to opt out of the partnership should you find their proof of concept not working.

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Insurance Lead Buying Mistakes That Every Agent Should Avoid

Posted by Cindy Cailling on Mon, Mar 05, 2012

Insurance Lead Buying Mistakes That Every Agent Should AvoidBuying leads has to be carefully considered, or an agent could incur big losses in time, money, and effort. To minimize the window for error when buying leads, here are some common mistakes that you should know to keep you one step ahead in your leads generation.

1. Partnering with the wrong provider – as in every industry, there are bad lead providers that an agent can meet online. It takes due diligence in choosing the right one for your business. You can start with industry review sites to get to know the leads service provider better. You can then expand your research to various social networking sites like LinkedIn and other forums to get feedback about the company.

2. Buying based only on price – the list price of the leads shouldn’t be your sole consideration when buying leads. You need to consider other factors that affect the returns of your investment. This may include the quality of the leads, the lead generation method of the provider, among other things. While cheap leads can have big returns, there is a reason why they are cheap. Foremost of which is that, the leads could be of poor quality.

3. Overlooking the fine print of the partnership – before you decide on a leads provider, understand well the service that you’re going to get. Look for hidden charges, if any, as well as the details of the lead generation service. Think long-term and inquire about conversion rate of the leads, the return policy of the company, and other concerns you might have. There is no better time to ask than before the service starts.

4. Asking for more leads than one could handle – the right leads provider for your business is not only the least expensive one or the most reputable. It also has to be in proportion to your business requirements. Consider how much leads you need and sign up for only that number. If a provider requires a minimum purchase that is too big for you, move on to another. You will not want leads getting stale on your desk because leads you keep for more than a week is money wasted.

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Online Leads Buying Guide for Higher Returns

Posted by Cindy Cailling on Sat, Mar 03, 2012

Online Leads Guide For Higher ROIWhile it sounds tempting to buy cheap insurance leads online, you should not make your buying decision based on leads price alone. Leads purchased cheap might give higher returns, but they do not all convert 100 percent. You need to factor in the conversion rate as well to get their real ROI.

Leads conversion rate depend on several factors. A large part of these has to do with the quality of the insurance leads and the provider that generated them. To help you get the highest returns possible from purchased leads, here’s a few ideas to consider when you shop online for insurance leads:

1. How were the leads generated? The method used in generating the leads substantially affects their quality. You should know that not all providers use the same lead generation techniques. They differ in style and so is the result of the leads they’re selling. Ask the leads provider about their system and do a research on its proof of concept.

2. How old is the lead when they are delivered to you? The age of the lead is a crucial element in the sales process. Because new leads typically convert higher than old leads, each lead should be delivered to you hot. Some leads are cheaper because they are old, so make sure you get only new leads when finalizing your purchase. In the industry, old leads are generally those that have been generated 48 hours and beyond.

3. Are there additional charges? Depending on the lead generation service provider, some leads may ha have various fees in addition to the list price. Some, not all, providers hide these charges in the form of deposit fees, upfront payments, etc. you should stay on the lookout for these kinds of schemes as they can bring your total expenses really high.

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Insurance Leads Purchase Key to Business Success in Sluggish Economy

Posted by Cindy Cailling on Thu, Mar 01, 2012

Insurance Leads Purchase is Key to Business Success in Sluggish EconomyIt is unavoidable that sales suffer during an economic slowdown. You would think that an industry like insurance is recession-proof because it sells a product that its customers should not be without. But it’s not. In sluggish economies, leads shrink and sales get stagnant.

How can agents lessen the impact of a slow economy? Insurance leads may not come to you as they mostly do during better times. Although a bad economy may reduce the number of potential customers, there will still be people looking for insurance. You just have to take your share by exploring other sources of leads.

If your leads generation stand still, it’s time to explore third party providers that specialize in gathering leads. You can buy leads for different insurance products you sell. From medical insurance to annuity, insurance for homes or cars, you can find prospects that would be willing to do business in spite of the economy.

Leads could be purchased offline and online. Offline leads are those generated via traditional means like telemarketing, event-driven mailing list, among others. On the other hand, online leads are those generated via the Internet using websites and other online properties that customers go to get their insurance quotes.

Buying leads is pretty straightforward and easy to do. The key is to find the right leads provider that suits your budget and requirements, such as location of the leads that you will receive, type of insurance that the lead is looking for, etc. For more discussions on this topic, you can refer to these blog posts from ParasolLeads, or drop us a line for any concerns and questions.

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