Insurance Marketing Strategies to Improve Lead Generation

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Tue, Oct 24, 2017

Generate More Leads with Better Insurance Marketing

With Q4 approaching, many companies are discussing marketing budgets, and making wish lists for the next year. Now is the time to think about what worked and didn’t work in 2017. What did you test that failed? What campaigns were successful? What did you learn from each test? Insurance marketers face many challenges. Take a look back at your marketing initiatives to find those campaigns that led to the best opportunities for your agents.

Regardless of innovation, the insurance business is still about building and maintaining relationships. In a space where competition is high, it’s relationships that keep clients from requesting quotes for cheaper rates. Your 2017 insurance marketing plan should include ways to generate new business, and methods to cross-sell your existing base. By nurturing your current database you can grow business in 2017.

Keep Insurance Marketing Data Clean 

Bad data can kill your insurance marketing efforts in their tracks. Bad data prevents success, and makes it impossible to meet optimal ROI. Bad email data can lead to higher spam reports, unsubscribes and bounce rates. Wait too long to clean data, and you could risk account suspension or ruin your sender score.

Clean data doesn’t just affect email deliverability, but also affects your email performance. Segmenting your contacts into the correct lists based on the actions they take is important. Your contacts actions determine where they are in your marketing funnel. By segmenting your contacts into the correct lists, you can customize your marketing efforts – ensuring your prospects receive offers and content they’re most interested in. The right content can help turn a prospect into a customer, and a click into revenue.

Clean sales data is just as important to your business. Tools like Salesforce help larger organizations keep track of leads, and what stage they are in the buying process. Poor pipeline data can lead to inflated numbers, which prevents you from accurately forecasting revenue. It’s important agents keep clean and accurate pipelines to help set realistic sales goals.

Invest in Social Media

Thanks to social media, small businesses have a fighting chance against bigger brands. In the past, only big businesses could get their brands in front of their target market. Television and radio campaigns were expensive, and make it difficult to track success. AdWords also provides an unfair advantage to larger companies who can drive higher CPCs and unaffordable bids.

Fortunately, advertising on social media is still affordable. With CPCs around $0.55, Facebook is a much more affordable way to get your content, products and brand in front of your targeting market. By promoting your page, posts and website on Facebook you can make sure your target audience knows who you are and what you sell. Advertisers can create custom audiences, based on a variety of demographic factors and social behaviors.

By leveraging audience targeting, you can insure your target prospects are seeing your brand helping to generate more insurance leads for your business.

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LinkedIn Insurance Lead Gen Forms

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Wed, Apr 12, 2017

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s newest tool for Insurance lead generation 

LinkedIn continues to be a great source for organic leads, but paid marketing on LinkedIn isn’t always as profitable. Cost per click is much higher on LinkedIn, compared to other social media platforms, but is the traffic better?

A recent study by HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate (2.74%) almost three times higher than both Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn also topped social media leads overall, which included traffic that came to business’ website from all social media other than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Insurance Leads

LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B marketers, because people join the social network to showcase their career, work expertise, and find content and information to make their lives better. That makes it the perfect place to target other businesses.

While LinkedIn is a great source for networking and reaching companies where you can sell employer benefits, health insurance, etc. generating insurance leads through paid efforts can be challenging.

LinkedIn has been working to improve ROI for B2B and lead generation marketers for years. Their most recent effort is called LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. But will these forms work for insurance lead generation?

What are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

If you haven’t run a Sponsored Content campaign on LinkedIn, it’s a way for businesses to promote posts and content. Similar to Facebook post boosting, with a LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign you can set a target audience, and ensure that audience sees your posts by putting budget behind it. Unlike Facebook where a budget of $5 can get you a decent amount of engagement, the cost per engagement is much higher on LinkedIn.

To help marketers generate leads, and encourage marketers to increase sponsored content budgets, LinkedIn has found a way to make lead generation easier.

With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, you can create a custom form that includes the fields you require for conversion. You must first post to your company page, then select which posts you wish to sponsor/promote. After you’ve selected your posts, you’ll have the ability to add a form. You can customize your form with your logo, custom fields, short description, and Thank You page with a URL.

According to Divye Khilnani, who works on product management for LinkedIn, the professional network found that 80% of engagement comes from mobile devices, where lead generation is challenging. To make it easier for visitors to complete a form, LinkedIn prepopulates fields using up-to-date information from the user’s LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Lead Forms are only served on the mobile app currently, but will be expanding to desktop later this year.

According to feedback from a LinkedIn survey of 50 B2B marketers, 90 percent beat their cost-per-lead goals with the new lead gen forms. They also saw a lower cost per lead with lead gen forms than with the standard Sponsored Content campaign.

Parasol Leads can help with your insurance lead generation efforts. We sell insurance leads for several products including:

Health insurance leads

Life insurance leads

Home insurance leads

Auto insurance leads

Annuity insurance leads

Medicare leads

Want to learn more about how we generate high quality insurance leads? Contact us today and follow our blog.

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5 Tips New Insurance Agents Need to Excel

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Tue, Jan 24, 2017

Start Your Career as an Insurance Agent on the Right Foot

Starting a new career is always challenging, but sales people have particular hurtles many people never have to worry about. Insurance Agents must have a sales instinct to succeed, but there are skills you can learn to help you navigate common career challenges.

An insurance agent is both a sales person and a customer service representative. They must know the insurance industry and insurance products inside and out to be able to sell to, and maintain insurance customers.

If you’re just starting out as an insurance agent, Parasol Leads can help. As insurance lead generation experts, we know what it takes to prospect, generate and sell in the insurance industry. Here are our tips for new insurance agents in 2017.

Prepare to be an excellent resource

It’s time to brush up on those customer service skills you may have acquired at your first jobs. Whether you worked retail, as a waiter or fast food restaurant – having customer service experience can help you be a better insurance agent. It’s customer service that often sets one insurance agency apart from their competitors. In a highly competitive industry like insurance, customer service performance is vital. Your level of customer service can be what sets you apart from other agencies and online insurance offerings. A good insurance agent understands that while their quote might not be the lowest, they can persuade a client by demonstrating the value they’ll receive from choosing you as an agent. Build trust with your clients, and let them lean on you as a resource. It will be much harder for them to leave you for a cheaper quote.

As a sales person, you must cross-sell

As the company’s sales person, it’s your job to match clients with the best insurance product to meet their specific needs, and educate prospects about the insurance products your company offers. Selling insurance is not a one-time sale, it’s about building a life-long relationship with a client that leads to multiple cross-selling opportunities. For example, you can close a deal with a client for auto insurance, but grow that relationship to include home insurance when they purchase their first home, additional car coverage when their children become of age, and so on. Learn from your colleagues. If you’re new to sales, it’s important to listen in on insurance sales calls. Hear what pitches work, and what doesn’t. Ask questions to find out what resonates most with clients. Determining what works best for you comes with experience, and soon you’ll find what sets you apart from other agents.

Don’t go at it alone

You don’t have to approach your new career independently. Most companies encourage collaboration, and learning. Look to your peers and colleagues for advice and strategies. Look outside your agency for other networking opportunities. There are several associations and LinkedIn groups dedicated to providing support for insurance agents. Parasol Leads manages the Insurance Agents Nationwide LinkedIn group, where insurance agents from across the country can share industry news, tips and more. Grow your network, and grow your career in insurance.

Be personable and relatable

Relating to your client is one of the best ways to disarm your prospect, and eliveate the sales person stigma. Instead of general small talk, ask about your prospects interests, work and family life. Focus on your client, and show them that you’re there for them. “Converations are the bedrock of relationships. Without them, our relationships are devoid of substance,” notes Maribeth Kuzmeski, contributer for “Conversation is a great way to invest in others. The act of listening – the other half of having a conversation – shows people you care.”

Generating insurance leads, and prospecting for insurance can be challenging in this competitive market. Parasol Leads helps insurance companies and independent insurance agents grow with quality insurance leads that convert. We sell auto insurance leads, life insurance leads, Medicare leads and more that we generate through digital marketing efforts like search engine optimization, search marketing campaigns and social media. Contact Parasol Leads today to grow your insurance sales in 2017 with high quality insurance leads.


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5 Ways Insurance Agents Can Use Social to Gain Clients

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Tue, Jan 17, 2017

Insurance Agents Need to Look to Social Media for More Clients

Younger financial consumers, especially millennials born after 1981, count on businesses to communicate to them via social media. A recent study from Corporate Insights found that millennials account for 43% of all mobile banking and finance usage. Another 51% said the use of digital technologies by insurance services firms is important to them.

"Our biggest and fastest growing demographic are females between ages 25 and 34," said Nick Braun, founder of "I attribute part of this to the online nature of our service, but I also have to give credit to our social Media presence, especially on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram. 

It's important for insurance agencies to have a strong online presence, and individual insurance brokers should be using the medium to grow pipeline.

Tips for Using Social Media to Gain Insurance Clients

Generate Buss - Share new projects and events your insurance agency is currently working on/plans on attending. If you're going to be attending a conference, make sure to spread the word and share the news across all social mediums.

Follow Up - Monitor your social media communications. It's important to respond quickly to those who message your business. Don't leave them hanging.

Use Industry Terms in Hashtags - help potential insurance clients find you by using hashtags they'll be using to conduct searches. Hashtags play a big part in how your customers can find you in a sea of social media posts.

Share Facts - Share articles from major publications that can back up your opinions. Build credibility with potential clients on social media.

If you're not already on social, your insurance agency needs to be. Start building and growing your presence today. Need high quality insurance leads now? Contact Parasol Leads today to learn more about our insurance lead generation services.

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Insurance Lead Generation: The Shift From Quantity to Quality

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Fri, Dec 09, 2016

As more insurance agencies discover the value of pre-qualifying leads, there’s been a shift from quantity to quality. Tools like Salesforce make it easy to identify quality leads with lead scoring. Why waste your sales team’s talents and efforts on following up on low quality leads? Insurance sales teams can spend hours on unqualified outreach just to prove they’ve worked their way through a large prospecting list full of dead end leads. Instead, insurance lead buyers should be on the hunt for prospects with intent.

Consumers who are actively searching for insurance policies, and express intent to purchase are considered bottom of the funnel leads. These insurance leads are more likely to close, and have a quicker time to close, which increases your sales rep’s conversion rate. Finding customers with an intent to buy is a challenge in a saturated market. Insurance marketers must get creative to attract the attention of prospects.

Everything from ad copy to ad targeting affects your ability to reach, and convert prospects ready to buy. Parasol Leads has years of experience finding, and targeting insurance prospects. Our highly targeted search, display, email and remarketing campaigns find and convert hundreds of insurance shoppers daily. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance leads, and find out how we can help your insurance agency thrive in 2017.

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Insider Tips for Independent Insurance Agencies

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Fri, Dec 09, 2016

The insurance industry is ever evolving, and that will hold true in 2017. Is your agency ready for what’s ahead? Stay on top of trends to win big in 2017.

Helping clients identify and manage risk should be your agencies priority in 2017. “Our primary focus is to help customers identify and manage their risk profiles, therefore making their companies safer places to work and conduct business,” said Scott Woods President of Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance Agency. “It is important for us to really understand the customer’s business operations, not just match a policy to the type of industry or SIC code.

Agencies must also reconsider hiring strategies to get ahead of industry changes.“When recruiting producer talent, we are more interested in individuals who possess consultative selling skills rather than traditional transactional selling skills or insurance experience,” says Agency Development Manager Roger Elfert of Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance Agency. The agency, owned by Trustmark National Bank is projected to reach $36.6 million in revenue in 2016. “Individuals must possess the skills that will allow them to overcome one of the biggest hurdles: customers who have been trained to price shop.

If your insurance agency plans to bring in new products in 2017, you’ll need to focus on creating efficiency and consistency in our work processes. “When we bring a new product into the agency, I learn its functionality first, and then we determine how to best integrate the product into our processes. As we deploy a new product to account managers, we vet it based on how the producers will use it, not just to what it can do,” says Tiffany Johnston, Technology and Innovation Manager Fisher Brown Bottrell.

How is your insurance agency planning to evolve and grow in 2017? Do you plan to start selling additional products like life insurance or annuities? Add high quality insurance leads to your 2017 strategy with exclusive insurance leads from Parasol Leads.


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How to Grow Your Insurance Prospect List

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Mon, Nov 14, 2016

Insurance Prospecting Solutions for the Busy Insurance Agent

Prospecting for any sales professional is one of the most time consuming and tedious aspects of a sales role. Prospecting can take hours, especially if you work for a large agency or have a large client portfolio. While insurance prospecting is a dreadful process, it also yields high results and can be fruitful for the agent who can prospect successfully. Insurance prospecting is also key to the two most popular forms of insurance lead generation – direct mail and telemarketing. Without proper insurance prospecting, these two lead generation methods will fail.

There are multiple ways to generate insurance prospect lists. You can prospect in-house or look to insurance data collection companies or list brokers to free up time spent data mining to focus on closing more insurance sales. Whether your prospecting for auto insurance leads, health insurance leads, life insurance leads or Medicare leads the processes can vary. In the old days, insurance agents would use the phone book to generate insurance prospects. While agents can still use the online Yellow Pages to acquire phone numbers, this method is hindered by do not call lists and the ability to block phone numbers via smartphones. Insurance agents who cold call should scrub their lists using the national do not call registries to avoid costly fines.

Other sources for prospect lists include the local chamber of commerce, which is a great source for insurance agents looking to sell commercial insurance.

If prospecting is taking up too much of you or your agent’s valuable time, free up prospecting time by purchasing high quality insurance leads from Parasol Leads. We generate and sell real time and aged insurance leads to agents across the nation who want to free up time spent prospecting, to focus on closing and selling more insurance.

Parasol Leads sells:

Contact Parasol Leads today to learn more about how reducing prospecting time can lead to insurance agency growth, improved ROI and higher insurance sales.

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Insurance Lead Generation Methods

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Mon, Nov 14, 2016

Insurance Lead Generation Methods for the Modern Insurance Agency

Whether or not you are successful as an insurance agent has a lot to do with your, and your agencies, ability to generate insurance leads. Insurance lead generation is the marketing aspect of a mostly sales role. Insurance lead generation is a time consuming and sometimes costly endeavor. There are hundreds of ways to generate insurance leads, but in order to secure the best ROI, close examination is required. That means weighing the cost of things like time, when determining which lead generation methods are most beneficial and cost effective.

Diversifying your lead generation methods is not only a great way to provide security and stability to your insurance marketing efforts, but allows agents and agencies to a/b split test. It’s only through testing can you determine with insurance lead generation methods work best for your sales team, and result in the highest ROI for your insurance business.

Insurance Prospect Lists

Direct mail and telemarketing are two of the most popular methods of insurance lead generation. Part of that popularity comes from the fact that these two methods are also two of the oldest ways to generate insurance leads. Many insurance companies don’t want to rock the boat when it comes to insurance marketing, but that can result in stagnant campaigns and loss of growth. Direct mail and telemarketing campaigns require and depend on prospect lists. Some insurance agents generate their own prospect lists, while others purchase lists from data companies or list brokers. Purchasing a list can be expensive, and quality isn’t always guaranteed.

Traditional Insurance Advertising

Besides direct mail and telemarketing, insurance agents can generate insurance leads through traditional advertising like newspaper, TV, and radio ads. While traditional insurance advertising can still earn insurance agencies significant revenue, true metrics are difficult to track. In ad on TV may bring you thousands of impressions/views, there’s no way to truly determine if these views fall within your target demographic. The same is true for radio and newspaper ads. Agencies can provide insurance marketers with audience insights like viewership/readership, but traditional advertising lacks the irrefutable data that comes from digital campaigns.

Digital Insurance Marketing

Insurance lead generation has changed significantly in the past few years, thanks to digital marketing and social media. Insurance agents can now buy leads in bulk from online lead generation companies, who can provide high quality insurance leads thanks to highly targeted digital campaigns. With a digital campaign, insurance marketers can target specific demographics. You can retarget existing customers to cross-sell other insurance prospects, or generate new leads through remarketing campaigns. Digital marketing as made it possible for insurance agencies to grow at far faster rate than ever before.

Looking to leverage high quality leads from insurance marketing campaigns? Contact Parasol Leads to learn more about our insurance marketing and insurance lead generation campaigns, and find out how your agency can benefit from high quality insurance leads from Parasol Leads.

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3 Ways to Thank Your Insurance Agency Customers

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Wed, Oct 19, 2016

Building a strong client relationship includes showing appreciation

It doesn’t take a relationship expert to understand that showing appreciation is vital. In an increasingly competitive industry, it’s important more so now than ever before to show client appreciation. As an insurance agent, there are several ways you and your insurance agency can show insurance clients you care – increasing client satisfaction and retention in the process.

Here are just 3 of the ways you and your insurance company can show clients you appreciate them.

Make a Quick Call

Do you only call your insurance prospects and clients when you’re trying to make an insurance sale or deliver bad news? Change up the dynamic of your client relationship by making thank you calls. Calling to just say thank you may seem odd to your clients if you call and just say “Thank You” so make sure to pose a question. So for example, you can call a client and say you’d like to thank them for their business and ask them if there’s anything your insurance agency can do to make the client happier with their insurance policy and your services.

Send a Handwritten Note

In the digital world email and chat messaging is the primary source of communication for many insurance clients and agencies. A handwritten note goes a long way and means a lot, because it’s such a rare occurrence. Send your clients a personalize handwritten thank you note to acknowledge your appreciation of their business. A few minutes of your time today can keep them from searching online for a new insurance policy.

Recognize them on Social Media

Give your clients their 15 minutes of fame by recognizing them on your company’s social media account. Acknowledge them and your appreciation of their business, but make sure not to share any sensitive information about them. By saying thank you on social, you’ll not only show your client you care, but you’ll also show their friends and family that your insurance agency cares about service and building relationships. It’s a great way to gain new insurance business.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to show your clients you care, so make the effort and reap the rewards. Contact Parasol Leads for your insurance lead generation needs. 

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Tips for Personalizing Insurance Outreach

Posted by Michelle McKinley on Fri, Oct 07, 2016

The Argument for Being More Social

Recent research by Accenture shows that 77% of customers are willing to provide usage and behavior data in exchange for lower premiums, quicker claims settlement or tailored coverage recommendations.

Knowing your customers better makes you and your insurance agents better at providing custom quotes. Win over more prospective insurance clients by offering personalized discounts that can help reduce what they pay in monthly premiums.

In order to provide custom insurance quotes, insurance agents must know more about a prospect. In order to come to conclusions about prospective and existing insurance clients, agents must combine customer profiles with transaction histories and social media data.

The Case for Personalized Insurance Quotes

The relationship between an insurance agent and a customer isn’t all business. Relationships between agent and client must be personal in order to retain clients in an ever competitive landscape. Being there for your client doesn’t mean the same thing it used to. As we become ever more digital, the services we provide to clients must also become more tech savvy.

Today’s insurance customers communicate via multiple platforms and devices. This includes online, mobile email and social media. Insurance company owners and agents must leverage these new platforms in order to stay competitive. Not only is it vital to adjust communication methods, but it’s also important to adjust outreach and insurance lead nurturing strategies.

How Insurance Agents and Companies Can Get More Personal

Get to know your clients by engaging them on social media. It’s important to build out a strong social and digital profile where clients and prospects can learn more about your business. Build brand trust and loyalty by being active on social media. Share tips relevant to your clients through social, and boost for engagement. Having insurance agents who are social and tech savvy will be increasingly important in the new landscape.

Ask consumers on your outreach lists about their preferred methods of communication, and make sure they’ve fully opted in to receiving your communications. Utilize different methods of communication including texting. Use email marketing platforms like Marketo that allow you to personalize your email marketing communications.

As the insurance landscape evolves it’s important to stay on top of trends including personalization in order to close more insurance deals, and retain more clients.

Contact Parasol Leads for high quality insurance leads today.

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