Health Insurance Leads

health insurance leads

Exclusive Health Insurance Leads:

Our exclusive health insurance leads are scrubbed before they are passed through to our leads distribution system. Leads are matched against your filters and sent to you in real-time. Our exclusive leads are sold to one client and never resold againView Pricing.

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Some of the information collected on our health insurance lead forms:

geographic filters Geographic Filters
describe the image  Insured or Uninsured
describe the image  Minimum or Maximum Coverage Amount
describe the image  Health Policy Type 
describe the image  Age
describe the image  Body Mass Index (BMI)
describe the image  Tobacco or Drug Use
describe the image  Major Health Conditions

All of our health insurance leads come with attentive customer service from the lead generation experts at Parasol Leads, and we offer a very fair. It is our goal to equip agents with the tools and exclusive health insurance leads they need to take their businesses to the next level.


 Health Insurance Leads Sample

health insurance lead sample