The Parasolleads Premiere Partner Program (4P)

The ParasolLeads Premiere Partner Program (4P) is a lead program designed for approved IMOs, other insurance marketing organizations.  The 4P program provides a robust, unique and productive exclusive lead program where 4P Partners earn a recurring commission on organizations/agents they refer and subsequently signup, fund and maintain an active ParasolLeads account.



4P Partner Company

4P Partner actively refers insurance organizations/individual agents to ParasolLeads for account creation.  Each 4P Partner will receive a unique ParasolLeads web page where they direct prospects to learn more about ParasolLeads and to directly signup and fund their ParasolLeads account.


describe the image  Develop and manage the Partner Company’s  4P Partner Program.
describe the image  Provide a commission or lead credit to the Partner Company based on Agent lead purchases.
describe the image  Sign up interested Agents into the program.
describe the image  Provide preferential pricing to qualified Agents.
describe the image  Provide the highest quality lead to the Agent based on their desired filter set.
describe the image  Provide access to ParasolLeads’ back office allowing Agents the ability to manage their lead purchases.
describe the image  Train Agents on how to best use their ParasolLead's back office.
describe the image  Provide a simple means to request lead refunds.


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