Parasol Leads Return, Cancellation & Other Policies

Lead Buyer will prepay Parasol Leads for leads. Parasol Leads will provide leads up to the balance of available funds that Lead Buyer has deposited with Parasol Leads. Once the balance has been depleted, Parasol Leads will provide no additional leads until such time as Lead Buyer provides additional prepayment.

Guarantee of Leads

Lead Return

Non-Valid Lead Return Reasons:

Lead Delivery

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Process

Concerning Promotional Credits

Please note: An account balance refund may take from 7 to 10 business days to process

Our Promise

Parasol Leads will do all we can to deliver the highest quality lead available anywhere in the marketplace. Parasol Leads will do everything we can to help you become as successful as possible, including working with you to resolve any issues or concerns.

Right To Cancel

We Parasol Leads reserve the right to cancel any account shown to abuse the return policy.In this event, account balance will be issued to client and account will be closed.

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