New Car Leads

Grow Business with the Right Leads

Grow Business with the Right Leads

Grow your dealership with more sales from quality new car leads. Get in front of prospective car buyers with qualified leads from Parasol Leads. We provide our clients with high-quality auto lead generation services for new car leads – new finance and refinance.

Generating new car leads in-house monopolizes your resources. Your sales team should be focused on selling cars, not stuck prospecting cold leads. With Parasol Leads new car lead generation services, your sales team will benefit from a steady stream of warm new car finance leads that close at a higher rate.

Reach Prospective Car Buyers with High Quality New Car Leads

How We Do It

We generate new car leads in multiple ways. We fulfill our clients need for high quality leads through highly targeted marketing efforts. We put our brands in front of consumers actively searching for new car financing and refinancing.

Our websites are optimized for SEO and user experience, so we can rank high for top search terms and convert visitors at a higher rate. Consumers seeking new car financing find our websites online, complete our simple web form and are matched with dealerships like yours that are ready to make their car dreams a reality.

Our web campaigns target active consumers, following them around the web and on social media until they are ready to apply for financing. Our email lists are comprised of consumers who have expressed a need for auto financing, so our offers convert at a higher rate.

We stand apart from others in our industry for many reasons including:

  • Exclusive Leads – Our leads are not recycled or repackaged.
  • Geo-Targeting – We provide free geographical filters for all lead types.
  • No Contracts – You’re not contractually obligated to purchase mortgage leads.
  • No Minimums – There are no minimums required. Purchase as many leads as you need to grow.
  • Lead Guarantee – We guarantee that our leads will have correct contact information and match your filters.
  • No Automatic Charges – Avoid surprise credit card charges.
  • Lead Caps – Set a maximum number of leads per day you’ll accept/purchase.
  • Dayparting – Decide which days and times you want to purchase home improvement leads.

Reduce time spent prospecting for new leads. Sell and finance more vehicles with the assistance of high quality new car leads.

Parasol Leads is here to support your sales needs. We work with you to meet your ROI goals. Contact us today to learn more about our new car leads, and lead generation services.