Credit Repair Leads

Credit Repair Leads

What are credit repair leads for?

A credit repair lead includes the contact information of a consumer who has expressed interest in obtaining help to remove negative items from their credit report.

Who should buy credit repair leads?

In addition to our organic search presence, Parasol Leads manages a variety of highlCredit repair leads (also known as credit restoration leads) are bought by businesses that offer credit repair services to consumers with poor credit or negative marks on their credit history. Parasol Leads has sold credit repair leads to attorneys, real estate agents, lenders and mortgage brokers.

High Quality Credit Repair Leads

Credit Repair Leads to Grow Your Business

How do you get your credit repair leads?

We generate credit repair leads in a variety of ways including organic and paid marketing efforts. We build highly optimized websites that rank organically on search results pages for top converting keywords. Consumers actively searching for credit repair services find us in search results, fill out a simple web form, and get connected to businesses like yours to fulfill their credit repair needs.

Our paid marketing campaigns run on top search engines, publisher websites and social media. We build highly targeted custom audiences to increase the conversion rate of our leads. Our ads follow these prospects across the web and on social media until they convert.

Our email marketing campaigns provide consumers with offers for credit repair services. Our list is comprised of consumers who have expressed or demonstrated a need for credit repair services.

Why choose Parasol Leads for your credit repair leads?

We stand apart from others in our industry for many reasons including:

  • Exclusive Leads – Our leads are not recycled or repackaged.
  • Geo-Targeting – We provide free geographical filters for all lead types.
  • No Contracts – You’re not contractually obligated to purchase mortgage leads.
  • No Minimums – There are no minimums required. Purchase as many leads as you need to grow.
  • Lead Guarantee – We guarantee that our leads will have correct contact information and match your filters.
  • No Automatic Charges – Avoid surprise credit card charges.
  • Lead Caps – Set a maximum number of leads per day you’ll accept/purchase.
  • Dayparting – Decide which days and times you want to purchase home improvement leads.

Stop wasting time prospecting for credit repair leads. Free up bandwidth and resources by buying high quality credit repair leads from Parasol Leads. Contact us to learn more today or hear what our clients have to say about our leads.