Insurance Lead Generation

Insurance lead generation companies service insurance companies by funneling leads to their organization. It’s not enough to retain customers, if you want to grow your insurance business it’s important to scale up your insurance marketing efforts.

Auto Insurance Leads

Auto insurance is one of the most competitive industries. In terms of marketing, the costs of marketing auto insurance is exponentially higher than other products and services. The cost per acquisition for auto insurance leads is so high, it's difficult for companies to see positive ROI. Where there’s high competition, and a finite number of customers lead generation efforts become vital.

It’s not enough to rely on your insurance agents to prospect and find new customers. There’s only so much that can be done as an individual.

Insurance lead generation companies

Online Lead Generation Strategies

Online is one of the best ways to find new high quality insurance leads for your business. It’s easier to scale your efforts when you develop online lead generation strategies. Parasol Leads is a premier insurance lead generation company, because we utilize innovative online lead generation strategies.

Our diverse portfolio of platforms differentiates us from our competitors. We’ve mastered auto insurance lead generation on a variety of digital and social platforms, which makes our leads unique and fresh.

Best Lead Generation

The best lead generation methods include highly targeted campaigns and marketing automation. Bringing these strategies to your organization may be challenging. Implementing new marketing strategies for insurance agents can be met with resistance, and marketing software is expensive.

By working with Parasol Leads you can outsource these efforts. We’ll do the marketing work for you, and pass along the leads that will help your business grow. Your insurance agents can focus on closing, instead of prospecting.

How to Generate Insurance Leads?

That’s the question on the minds of every insurance agent. Referrals are still very important to growing an insurance business, but why not utilize online referrals. Whether it’s referral from a website to your website, a local listing to your business, or a social media post digital referrals are just as important as word of mouth.

Parasol Leads can help generate digital referral leads for your business, eliminating additional work for you or your team. Buying insurance leads from Parasol Leads is cheaper than hiring an insurance marketing professional.

Need Insurance Leads

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