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We make sure that our homeowners insurance leads are scrubbed and qualified before they are passed through to our leads distribution system. Leads are matched against your filters and sent to you in real-time.

Our Exclusive Home Insurance Leads are sold to one client and never resold again. Our home insurance leads are generated by attracting homeowners who are actively searching for home insurance quotes to high conversion landing pages. Our pre-scrubbed exclusive home insurance leads are delivered directly to your email, LMS or smart phone during the times of the day, and days of the weeks you desire.View Pricing

Home Insurance Leads Sample

Lead Type : Homeowners Insurance Lead
Applicant Information
First Name : Daniel
Last Name : Jones
Address : 11 Walden Way
Manchester Town
State : New Jersey
Zip Code : 08759
E-mail Address : jones11@myemail.com
Home Phone : 555-555-5555
Cell Phone : 555-555-5556
Work Phone : 555-555-5557
Best Time to Call : 9AM
Gender : Male
Birth Date : 01/12/1965
Age : 46
Home Information
New Purchase : No
Year Built : 1987
Occupancy Type : Primary Residence
Property Type : Single Family Home
Construction Type : All Brick
Roof Type : Metal
Foundation Type : Basement
Numbers of Floors : 1
Numbers of Bedrooms : 4
Square Feet : 1500
Number of Bathrooms : 2
Garage : 1
Heating System : Yes
Property Address : 111 Walden Way
Manchester Town
State : New Jersey
Zip Code : 08759
Security System : Anti-theft alarm
Property Extras : Hydrant within 500 feet, Fire
Extinguishers Smoke Alarm,
Jacuzzi Bathtubs,Copper Water Pipes
Coverage Information
Currently Insured : Yes
Insurance Company : Other/Not Listed
Credit Standing : Excellent
Liability Coverage : $300,000
Deductible : $500
Covered for : More than 5 years
Policy Expiration Date : 03/14/2012
Claims : No Claims Entered

Some of the information collected on our Home insurance leads form, include:

  • Geographic Filters

  • Minimum or Maximum Age of Home

  • Currently Insured, Current Insurance Company Name

  • New Home Purchase

  • Mobile Home

  • Manufactured Home

  • Condominum

  • Rental, Single & Multi Family Properties

All of our homeowners insurance leads come with attentive customer service from the lead generation experts at Parasol Leads. It is our goal to equip agents with the tools and exclusive home insurance leads they need to take their businesses to the next level.

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