The Parasolleads Premiere Partner Program (4P)

The ParasolLeads Premiere Partner Program (4P) is a lead program designed for approved IMOs, other insurance marketing organizations. The 4P program provides a robust, unique and productive exclusive lead program where 4P Partners earn a recurring commission on organizations/agents they refer and subsequently signup, fund and maintain an active ParasolLeads account.


4P Partner Company

4P Partner actively refers insurance organizations/individual agents to ParasolLeads for account creation. Each 4P Partner will receive a unique ParasolLeads web page where they direct prospects to learn more about ParasolLeads and to directly signup and fund their ParasolLeads account.


  • Develop and manage the Partner Company’s 4P Partner Program.
  • Provide a commission or lead credit to the Partner Company based on Agent lead purchases.
  • Sign up interested Agents into the program.
  • Provide preferential pricing to qualified Agents.
  • Provide the highest quality lead to the Agent based on their desired filter set.
  • Provide access to ParasolLeads’ back office allowing Agents the ability to manage their lead purchases.
  • Train Agents on how to best use their ParasolLead's back office.
  • Provide a simple means to request lead refunds.

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