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Answers to Insurance Lead Generation Frequently Asked Questions

Parasol Leads is one of the insurance industry’s highest quality leads generation companies. We provide insurance market-prospecting solutions to insurance businesses and independent agents across the nation.We generate insurance leads by collecting and providing exclusive or shared, organic, and high quality insurance leads for insurance agents, brokers and carriers. Our fresh and aged insurance leads help our clients achieve extremely high conversion rates and meet ROI goals. With many clients reporting lead conversion rates as high as 40%, Parasol Leads is a leader in the insurance lead generation space.

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Here Are Some of the Most Popular Questions Received from Agents

Q Why buy insurance leads?

It’s difficult to generate insurance leads on your own, especially when you’re building an agency from the ground up.Prospecting takes hours and skill – things your agents may not have prefected yet. Let your agents focus on closing, and improving close rate by providing them with high quality insurance leads. When you partner with Parasol Leads, you gain access to prospects ready to make an insurance purchase. These are people actively seeking the types of insurance products you sell. This means a higher conversion rate, and less time wasted on dead-end leads. Parasol Leads is also affordable. Our prices are highly competitive, and we provide discounted prices.

Q Do you provide Geo-Targeting & Lead Filters?

Parasol Leads allows our agents to set filters in order to view only those insurance leads that meet specified criteria. This ensures that our clients are viewing leads they can buy and convert. You can set geographic filters for all insurance lead types. In addition, there are several other lead filters you can establish based on the type of insurance leads you are purchasing: auto insurance leads, life insurance leads, annuity leads, home insurance leads, etc.

Q Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not bind agents to contracts or minimum requirements; rather, the quality of our leads and service ensures that we become your most trusted solution for acquiring new customers. The quality and accuracy of our insurance leads is the best in the marketplace today.

Q Is lead quality guaranteed?

Each lead is guaranteed to have a working phone number, to the person on the lead and that person is looking to speak with an insurance professional and get an insurance quote. Also we guarantee all leads will be within your pre-established filters.

Q Is there a Minimum Purchase?

Want to try out a few leads? The good news is with Parasol Leads there is no minimum purchase requirement, so agents are free to purchase as many or as few as they want to meet their individual business needs and budgets.

Q Can I cancel?

Our insurance agent clients can cancel their accounts at any time. When you wish to close your account, any funds remaining in your account will be refunded back to your credit card.

Q How many insurance providers & agents can buy the same lead?

This will depend upon the type of lead you purchase. Parasol Leads sells exclusive insurance leads as well as shared leads. Those who purchase exclusive insurance leads will be the only provider to purchase the lead from Parasol Leads. Exclusive leads are priced higher, as they are only sold once, and often convert at a higher rate.

Q Can I set up lead caps?

Every client decides which days of the week and times of the day their accounts will be open to receive leads. Additionally, they can decide to include a maximum number of leads per day restriction. These options can be change at any time at no additional charge. This ensures that you only buy as many leads as your agency can handle.

Q How do I sign up?

You can sign up online here. Or contact us by phone.