Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

What Are Exlusive Life Insurance Leads?

Exclusive life insurance leads are the best life insurance leads for agents. Exclusive life insurance leads are only sold once. As an insurance lead aggregator, Parasol Leads generates leads and sells them to insurance companies and individual insurance agents.

We sell both shared and exclusive life insurance leads to our clients. What makes exclusive leads the best life insurance leads for agents is that you'll be the first to contact the lead about their insurance needs.

When you purchase shared insurance leads, the conversion rate is often lower because the prospect has been reached out to multiple times. By purchasing exclusive life insurance leads, you ensure that the prospect hasn't been bombarded with several offers, making it harder for you to convert.

Why Choose Parasol Leads for Exclusive Life Insurance Leads?

Parasol Leads sells the best exclusive life insurance leads for agents, because we leverage an in-house marketing team. We run organic and paid marketing campaigns across several platforms to target consumers seeking out information about insurance coverage and rates. Our leads are highly targeted, which is why they convert at a higher rate

If you're looking for the best life insurance leads program look no further than Parasol Leads. When it comes to leads for life insurance we've got you covered.


Our dedicated account managers are here to answer our lead buyer’s questions, and make sure your account is performing efficiently. We provide our insurance lead buyers with easy access to their dashboard, and filters so that each buyer can customize their leads to meet their agency needs.

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About Our Insurance Leads

Our insurance clients have a variety of insurance leads to choose from. We specialize in many forms of insurance leads including:

Our leads are fresh, never old or stale, which is why our leads convert at a higher rate. Don’t have your agents waste time chasing down stale leads when they could have fresh prospects. Our insurance leads are also exclusive, so your agents don’t have to worry about working a lead that has already been worked to death.