Tired of prospecting for quality leads? Parasol Leads provides clients with a steady stream of exclusive and organically generated leads each day! You decide how many leads you need. Only purchase the quantity you need. Our leads are generated by our in-house online marketing experts from our popular web properties and come with our best in-class leads guarantee. We offer leads from every state.

As an lead generation company, we are unique in many ways and operate our business based on highly ethical and honorable standards. We are a small company in an industry of giants; dedicated to helping our clients achieve the highest return-on-investment possible for their marketing budget. Parasol Leads continues to achieve the insurance industry's highest client satisfaction reviews, which is confirmed by our “A+” Better Business Bureau rating for “Online Reliability”. This is the highest rating awarded by the BBB.

New Car Leads

We provide real-time, exclusive new car leads generated online. Parasol Leads sells exclusive new car leads to one client and they are never resold. This ensures our clients achieve the highest conversion rates possible.

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Auto Finance Leads

We work hard to provide high-quality auto finance leads so you don't have to. Save your sales team time, by leveraging exclusive auto finance leads that are never resold or recycled. Filters are available at no charge to target your ideal auto finance customers.

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Credit Repair Leads

You can trust that the credit repair leads you receive from Parasol Leads will be in real-time and not recycled or repackaged. We build highly optimized marketing campaigns to target consumers actively searching for credit repair leads, giving you an advantage and helping to close more prospects.

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