Life Insurance Leads

Life Insurance Leads

What are Life Insurance leads?

When a consumer fills out a form to request a quote for life insurance they become a life insurance leads. Studies show that 50% more consumers shop for life insurance online than in previous years. More consumers are shopping for life insurance online than ever before - and more are requesting quotes through websites than from life insurance agents directly.

What is a Life Insurance Lead Aggregator

A life insurance lead aggregator generates and sells life insurance leads to insurance companies and individual life insurance agents. They generate life insurance leads through websites, paid search marketing campaigns, social media, etc. so that you don't have to. Life insurance lead aggregators reduce the workload on insurance agents, so that they can focus on selling insurance - instead of prospecting for leads.

Why buy life insurance leads?

One of the most popular reasons why life insurance agents don't make it is because of a lack of leads. Don't let your agents fail, grow your insurance business with high qualify life insurance leads. Buy life insurance leads today. Hear what our clients have to say about us. Read Parasol Leads reviews here.

Why buy life insurance leads from Parasol Leads?

Our clients, report conversion rates as high as 40%, and rely on Parasol Leads everyday to help their businesses succeed. Our exclusive life insurance leads are provided in real-time to one client. We collect data from visitors who are actively searching for life insurance quotes, those leads are then passed through our information scrubbing processes before passing through to our insurance leads distribution platform.

By utilizing numerous free filtering options, agents can customize the life insurance leads they will receive to achieve optimal results. View Pricing.

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Insurance Leads

Life Insurance Leads Sample

Lead Type : Life Insurance
Contact Information
Name : John Smith
Address : ABC Insurance Company
Peak Towers
24 AB Main St. RM 3011
Memphis TN 38166-1121
Phone : 888-888-8888
E-mail Address :
Gender : Male
Relationship : Self
Birth Date : 4/25/1970
Insured : Yes
Current Provider : BCBS
Weight : 180 lbs
Tobacco or Drugs : No

Some of the information collected on our Life Insurance Leads, include:

  • Geographic Filters

  • Insured or Uninsured

  • Minimum or Maximum Coverage Amount

  • Policy Type and Term

  • Minimum and Maximum Age

  • Minimum and Maximum Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Tobacco or Drug Use

  • Occupation

  • Major Health Conditions

  • Major Health Conditions

All life insurance leads come with attentive customer service from the lead generation experts at Parasol Leads. Parasol Leads provides agents with the tools and exclusive life insurance leads they need to take their businesses to the next level.