Insurance Lead Generation and Agent Consultancy Services

Insurance agents often feel unsupported by management, in a saturated industry where lead generation is challenging and closing deals is even more difficult. That's why Parasol Leads developed insurance agent consultancy services to provide strategic support, marketing tools and lead generation services to help insurance agents grow their insurance businesses. Whether you are new to the insurance industry or are an insurance veteran, agents and brokers can look to Parasol Leads to obtain the knowledge and insurance leads necessary to take their sales to the next level.

We understand that moving insurance lead generation out of house and outsourcing to an agency is a big step, but ParasolLeads’ excellent customer service has been confirmed by the Better Business Bureau, which has awarded the company the top A+ rating each year since 2007. From organic lead generation services to online insurance marketing, ParasolLeads exists to provide support to insurance agencies large and small across the country. We support all types of agencies including those selling life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, home insurance and long-term care insurance.

In a saturated market, quality takes precedence over quantity. While it's rare for a sales team to say they have too many leads, it's important to focus on the quality. If your insurance agents spend more time working high quality leads, they'll increase time to close and close rates at the same time. Both of which lead to more revenue for your company and a higher return on your investment. Parasol Leads differs from other insurance lead generation agencies, because we focus on quality. Our leads are generated through innovative, highly targeted, digital marketing campaigns. Our insurance leads are delivered in real-time, and are always fresh, never recycled.

Insurance Lead Generation and Agent Consultancy Services

ParasolLeads Promotes Insurance Business Success

For an insurance agent there’s nothing quite like feeling supported, and that someone on your team is looking out for your best interest. ParasolLeads works like an added member on your team, providing that extra support through insurance agent consultancy services designed to strengthen insurance businesses from the inside out, helping them to establish a firm foundation, benefiting their businesses for the long-term.

Do you want to learn how to reach the thousands of prospects who are searching online for insurance? Do you want to obtain the exclusive insurance leads that will result in sales?

Do you want to work with a company worthy of your trust? ParasolLeads is pleased to be that company—ready and willing to help you to achieve insurance business success. You can contact us to learn more about our insurance lead generation services.