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Offering High Quality Auto Insurance Leads Nationwide

Parasol Leads was founded to solve a lead gap for growing insurance agencies and independent businesses. We generate high quality, high intent, auto insurance leads for our clients to be able to sell more auto insurance and grow.

We’ve helped thousands of insurance agents close more internet insurance leads than in any other quarter prior to working with us. Our affordable auto insurance lead prices are competitive, without diminishing quality. We know conversion rates matter, which is why we focus on ROI for our agents.

Our auto insurance lead customers can buy and purchase auto insurance leads online, in real-time. It’s a no-hassle approach to insurance marketing. Instead of managing challenging digital marketing and social media insurance campaigns in-house, save your insurance agency time and money by purchasing insurance leads from Parasol Leads.

Our auto insurance marketing campaigns focus on demographics and targeting criteria that lead to insurance sales. We generate auto insurance leads from SEO, SEM, email marketing and social media campaigns. Our years of experience help us run campaigns that generate high quality leads quickly and efficiently.

Parasol Leads Auto Insurance Lead Generation Services

Why Add Parasol Auto Insurance Leads to Your Auto Insurance Leads Resources:

  • Parasol Leads provides auto insurance leads at discounted prices

  • You receive auto insurance leads based on your filtered criteria

  • You don’t have to manage your own auto insurance lead generation campaigns

  • You can download leads in minutes

  • You receive consistent lead volume and quality

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Auto Insurance Lead Filters

As a Parasol Leads auto insurance lead buyer, you have the ability to establish lead filters to ensure you’re only purchasing leads that fit with your criteria. Auto insurance lead filters include:

  • Geographic lead filters

  • Age of Driver lead filters

  • Credit Rating lead filters

  • High Risk lead filters

  • Home Ownership lead filters

  • Current Insurance Company lead filters

  • Filing Requirement lead filters

  • License Suspension lead filters

  • Minimum and Maximum Minor Driving Violations lead filters

  • Previous Auto Insurance Claims lead filters

  • Minimum and Maximum Accidents lead filters

  • Number of Vehicles in Ownership lead filters

  • Work with Parasol Leads today, and close more auto insurance sales than ever before. Sign up to become a lead buyer now.