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Parasol Leads for Insurance Leads

Parasol Leads for Insurance Leads

Why purchase insurance leads rather than generating leads in house? Unlike other small businesses, insurance agencies face an uphill battle when it comes to lead gen. Insurance, specifically auto insurance and health insurance, is a highly competitive industry. That makes it one of the most expensive to market.

Google Adwords consistently ranks insurance keywords as one of the most expensive in terms of CPCs (cost per click). That makes it very difficult for digital marketers to meet CPA goals and see positive ROI. Parasol Leads is able to successfully generate leads through paid campaigns, because we've been in the space for years. We run highly targeted campaigns, with extensive keyword lists. Our optimized landing pages and high quality scores make it so that we pay less per click, than those just starting to launch campaigns.


One of the keys to closing more deals is to increase the lead flow. The more qualified leads you pour down the funnel, the more deals you can close. Scaling marketing initiatives can be challenging. With Parasol Leads, insurance lead buyers can set volume caps, receiving the minimum and maximum amount of leads right for their agency. It's the quickest way to scale up your lead gen efforts.

Account Service

Our dedicated account managers are here to answer your questions, and make sure your account is performing efficiently. We provide a dashboard, and filters so that each buyer can customize their insurance leads to meet their business needs.

Types of Insurance Leads We Offer

We specialize in generating many types of insurance leads including:

Quality that Converts

Our leads convert at a higher rate than our competitors because they're:

  • Always fresh

  • Exclusive

  • Filtered based on your pre-established criteria

  • Generated through highly targeted organic and paid campaigns

Insurance agents need fresh prospects in order to sign more customers. Our insurance leads are exclusive, which means your agents won't be working leads already heavily worked.

Buy Insurance Leads Today

If you’re looking to grow your insurance company, the quickest way is to partner with an insurance lead generation company. By buying insurance leads you'll fill your pipeline, and close more deals. Feed your other marketing and nurture campaigns with high quality insurance leads from Parasol Leads. Sign up online today.

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