Medicare Open Enrollment Leads For Your Business

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Medicare open enrollment is around the corner. Get the leads you need to reach revenue goals.


Parasol Leads offers agents warm transfer or live transfer Medicare leads during the open enrollment period. 


Medicare open enrollment is the busiest time of year for Medicare lead generators. All Medicare plans need to be enrolled during this short seven week period. As a result, it's the most critical time of year for many Medicare businesses and agents. That's why it's so important to have your lead generation strategy and process in place before open enrollment begins October 15th. 


Sign up for Parasol Leads today and get your account set up in minutes. There are no minimum lead committments, so you only buy the leads you want to reach your company goals or quotas. We're transparent about our pricing. Check out our pricing page to learn more about what our leads cost. Medicare leads cost $35 per lead. 


About Parasol Leads


Parasol Leads is an online lead generation company. We specialize in generating high quality leads in a variety of verticals including Medicare. We work with agents and companies across the country hit their revenue goals. Learn more about how we generate leads here.

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