What Are High Intent Leads?


High Intent Leads 


Sign up for Parasol Leads and receive high intent auto, health, home and Medicare insurance leads with dedicated support and quality guarantees. Learn what high intent leads are and how they differ from other types of leads.


What are high intent leads?


Did you know that not all leads are created equal? Where a lead falls in terms of intent depends on where the lead was sourced. There are top of funnel, mid funnel and bottom of the funnel or high intent leads. If someone downloads a piece of content about a topic, they tend to be a top of funnel lead, someone who is interested in a topic or conducting early research. This is different from someone who completes a form to request a quote or receive more information about a plan or policy. Those types of leads are high intent leads, because the consumer is actually interested in purchasing insurance as opposed to someone conducting research or attempting to learn more about a type of insurance.


How are high intent leads generated?


There are a few different ways to generate high intent leads. The best channels for high intent insurance leads tend to be organic (website) and paid search. The reason being, that the consumer types in a very specific query and clicks on an organic website listing or paid ad with an intent to request a quote.


At Parasol Leads we generate high intent leads for:


How can I buy high intent leads?


Sign up and join Parasol leads today and gain access to high intent leads in a variety of verticals. At Parasol Leads we’re transparent about our fees. Visit our Lead Pricing page to learn more about what each lead costs. There are no minimum lead requirements, so you can buy as many leads as you need.



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