Google’s Third-Party Cookie Update and Lead Generation

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You may have heard that Google is done with third-party cookies and wondering how it will impact your advertising efforts. First, let us start out by saying that this update does not impact Parasol Leads and our lead generation efforts. If your lead generation efforts are impacted by this Google update, we can help you fill your pipeline.

What is the Google third-party cookie update?

Google will stop collecting user data, but they won’t stop using data to target ads. Google won’t be selling web ads targeted to users based on their browsing habits, and the Chrome web browser will no longer use cookies that collect this type of data. This impacts ad companies who use cookies to target and deliver relevant ads. However, Google believes it has already found a way to do this. They will still target and track users on mobile devices, and they will target ads to those who use their platforms. So while this update will have a major impact on the digital advertising industry, it probably won’t impact Google.

How were third-party cookies used?

Third-party cookies were used by advertising companies to tag and track users as they went around browsing the internet. This helped them gauge your interests and helped them deliver relevant ads. However, the public is becoming more concerned regarding their privacy and regulators are providing more privacy laws.

Google’s answer to this was to create the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). Chrome will keep track of a person’s browsing habits and place them in an audience or cohort based on those activities. An advertiser can then target their ads to cohorts instead of to an individual. Advertisers can still target and reach you but based on group data versus individual data.

How did this impact lead generation?

If you used an advertising network to generate leads, they may not be able to provide the same level of ROI in the future, unless they can figure out how to target users without cookies.

Parasol Leads does not use cookies to generate leads for our customers. If you need insurance leads contact us to learn more about our lead generation programs. We sell a wide range of high-quality insurance leads to help fill your pipeline.

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